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Friday, September 11, 2009

The FEU Advocate calls on its alumni

The pioneer weekly student publication in the Philippines, the FEU Advocate, is slating a celebration of its 75th anniversary on February, 2010. After so many years, the event will beckon its former staffers to reminisce the good ol’ days working for one of the country’s best campus publications.

Established in 1934, the FEU Advocate became one of the most esteemed newspapers in the country, recognized for its intrepid reporting and intelligent commentary on issues both within and outside the University. It rivaled not only other student publications, but also national dailies. As the first university publication to release a weekly issue, it would set the standard for other college newspapers, with many following suit thereafter.

Many of its alumni are now established prime movers in the field of journalism, business, law, literature, and the arts. Former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban, National Artist Severino ‘Nonoy’ Marcelo, Palanca awardees Azucena Grajo Uranza, Salvador Bigay, Jose M. Buhain and Buenaventura S. Medina are only a few of its prominent alumni.

After being shutdown during the martial law of 1972, the FEU Advocate would wait 26 years before once again beholding the gleaming light of print. Its revival in 1998 proved to be a welcome spark of campus journalism in FEU, and a continuous endeavor for its staffers to re establish its former glory.

Now 10 years after its successful resurgence, the publication looks back at its beginnings to relive the struggles and triumphs that shaped the organization as it is today.

The planned event on February will consist of a reunion and an exhibit presenting the organization’s history. Concurrently, a planned history book will also be launched during the event.

As of this writing, the Advocate is looking for old issues, artifacts and stories that former members of the publication, as well as students or other parties may lend, or contribute to the exhibit and the evolving history project. The success of this endeavor will largely rely upon the grateful student journalists who have once been, and will continue to be part of the FEU Advocate legacy.


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