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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

UNIVERSITY MASCOT: Tam the Tamaraw on, weight loss, weed, homosexuality, and porno

By K.C. Buenafe

Most of us have imaginary horns that signify our mischief. This guy actually has two horns sticking out of his disproportionate head and a nose that could probably do great as irrigation system for Malabon. Wanna figure out how mischievous he is? Mickey Mouse, Sakuragi, and Voltez V, have nothing to boast off in FEU’s green and golden screen, here, only one cartoon/ anime rules, and that’s Tam the Tamaraw, the official mascot of the Advocate. For the past two years he’s been popping up all over the place in our publication, but who is he is really.

The sketch is the brainchild of Erich Rafer, the Advocate’s Arts and Graphics director. The look of Tam evolved from Erich’s looks as much as Tam’s obese friend is the cartoon evolution of the looks of the former Editor-in-Chief, Christian Evasco.

Who is Tam the tamaraw?

My real name is not really Tam, it’s actually Tamolito Bigaybuhay, but my screen name is Tam the Tamaraw, mas catching di ba? I am the ‘Edit-to’ ng Chief in the Advocate. I’m the real boss.

Do people ever mistake you for a carabao?

Yeah, a lot of people don’t know the difference between a tamaraw and a carabao. I tell them that carabaos push carts and that tamaraw study at FEU. Tamaraws are also less fat than carabaos.

How come your weight changes a lot? When we first saw you you were fatter.

I do a lot of work as the mascot and being a fat mascot is out of style. Even Jollibee had to change his look. But I love to eat, yan ang real talent ko.

So your mom cooks well? What’s your favorite dish?

My mom cooks very well, basta mga Bicolano, malakas kumain at masarap magluto but my favorite dish is Adobong Damo. Especially with chili, some eggs and bawang.

Is that what made you fat?

Mahilig ako sa damo. I’m a freaking tamaraw, what do you expect me to eat? Nakakataba daw ang damo, kasi sobrang sarap. But eating grass is not allowed allowed here at FEU so palaging patago.

FEU is now being strict of its implementation of its policies like that of wearing the ID, why don’t you wear your ID on your pictures?

Hindi kasi talaga bagay. Being a mascot, especially the official mascot of the Advocate has its perks. Meron nga akong mga fans. Mabuhay kayo mga idol.

There’s a strong gay population in FEU, do you have any homosexual admirers?

Sus napakarami. The Rexona boys and I are always fighting over who has more gay fans. Actually, I have also idolizing me, cute daw ang mga sungay ko. I’m very horny daw. But the fans are nice, it’s great to see them laughing and enjoying the Advocate.

Is there a special someone in your life?
Actually there were several someones in my life but now I’m just sticking to one. I love her a lot.

Do you have any plans to go into the music or movie business?

Tamaraws are not really good at singing, our nose is too big and it makes us sound funny. I would like to get into movies, maybe some with Andrew E and Salbakuta. I’m more into comedy and action and not romance.

What kind of music do you like?

I like reggae, punk, ska, and rock. I hate boy bands and bands that try to copy them. But when I’m just by myself I enjoy Oasis, U2, Rivermaya and the likes. Enjoy din ako sa OPM especially yung mga tunog kalye.

Would you do a romance movie with the likes of Maui Taylor and other bold stars?

Kahit ‘di nila ako bayaran okay na okay lang. I like those romance movies because they are a great example of Philippine cinema and they bring joy and happiness to my life. The kind of romance movie I wouldn’t do is the kind with people like Jolina or Juday.

So you would do a porno but not a romance movie?

I don’t think that Maui Taylor and other bold stars have porno movies, they just have romance movies with much better romance.

So you’d consider yourself malambing?

I wouldn’t say I’m malambing, more like malibog. After all I’m an Advocate what else would you expect.


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