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Monday, February 22, 2010

Open Letter to the FEU Advocate Alumni

It has been a storied journey for our FEU ADVOCATE. Since its establishment in 1934, its name bore the responsibility of securing student welfare through its intelligent and intrepid reporting and commentary. The FEU community was witness when it took flight and commanded utmost respect from college papers and academic communities alike, much until Martial Law brought upon its forceful closure in 1972.

The wait of 27 years was long and dreary. In 1998, we saw it find ground and emerge like a phoenix from oblivion. Resilient, it has remained faithful to its creed of serving the Tamaraw community, trudging despite obstacles, and surviving amid trials. Now 12 years later, it is high on its flight and stands stronger than ever.

And we made it all happen.

It was us behind every fearless Advocate issue. A band of student journalists, staffers, who remained unfazed by the steep commitment the publication required. You were there. Whether as a writer, photographer, layout artist, illustrator, or editor, the Advocate became a product of our collective struggles and efforts. In turn it has nurtured us back and gave us the best and most unforgettable experiences of our college years, enduring friendships, and a home we could forever return to.

Now, it is long overdue that we return the favor. Show your support for the publication by attending our Grand Alumni Homecoming on March 20 at the FEU University Conference Center. Invite your former editors, staffers and Advo buddies, and have a mighty good time reminiscing deadlines, long sleepless nights and everything that made our publication days the best time of our lives. Come home. The Advocate counts on you.

FEU Advocate Reunion Team 2010


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